More About the Atlantic Canada Chapter

The ACC promotes the restoration, preservation, and enjoyment of Studebakers by encouraging individual and family participation in Studebaker related activities. Membership is invited from anyone sharing these interests. Ownership of a Studebaker is not necessary. Membership in the international club is a requirement for Chapter members.

The Chapter has an annual meeting, usually in January to break up the winter, and three other general meetings: one during each of the other three seasons.  These dinner meetings are usually held in the area between Moncton, NB and Truro, NS.  The Executive hold meetings as needed for planning and to prepare for the annual and general meetings.  In addition, the Chapter has been holding up to four events during the driving season.  An annual Show and Shine is selected and members attend as a group and promote the club and Studebakering.  An annual Picnic is held in Prince Edward Island along with related tours, flea markets, etc.  For the past couple of years a member has hosted a B-B-Q and finally, a IDYSD & Fall Colours Tour has rounded out the events for the driving season.

The membership as of February 2010 stood at 43 which translates into 80-100 individuals.  There are members from all four Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, Alberta and the state of Ohio.  It is a family oriented chapter that welcomes everyone and all age groups to participate.  Everyone is welcome to attend any meeting or event without commitment.  For more information about the Chapter please contact any one of the representatives below.

                            2018 ACC Executive 

Bill Jarvis   506.855.6660; a

Tom Steep 506-540-5281;

Past President:

 Greg Blayney 506.538.2609; patblay@xplornet.c
Ken Zwicker 902-688-1928;

Shelley Zwicker 902-688-1928;

Representative for NB:
Ron Kervin    506.384.4627;

Representative for NS:
David Killam; 902-680-2038;

Representative for PE:
Roberta Parkman   902.566.4330

Representative for NL:
Brian Cochrane 702.579.5620;

Graham Gagne   902.758.1210;

Telephone Tree Commander:
 Roy Germon    902.863.1738;

Telephone Tree Champions:

Jerry Germon 
 - 506.856.7880;


SDC & Northeast Zone Executive

SDC President:
Tom Curtis, 3538 Gordon Rd, Elkhart In 46516,

 SDC Vice President:

Don Cox 104139 Phantom Rd, Meeker OK 74855, Studebaker

Don Cox 104139 Phantom Rd, Meeker OK 74855, Studebaker

Don Jones, PO Box 229, Concord VA, 24528

Don Cox 104139 Phantom Rd, Meeker OK 74855, Studebaker

Don Cox 104139 Phantom Rd, Meeker OK 74855, Studebaker

Don Cox 104139 Phantom Rd, Meeker OK 74855, Studebaker

Don Cox 104139 Phantom Rd, Meeker OK 74855, Studebaker

SDC Secretary:
Cindy Foust, 143 Studebaker Rd, Spring Mills, PS 16875,

SDC Treasurer:
Jane Stinson, 5800 Stanley Rd., Columbiaville MI 48421;

Northeast Zone Director:
Peter Bishop, 23 Applewood Rd, Buffalo, NY 1422-1364,                                              

 Northeast Zone Coordinator:
Steve Grant, 8581 Fredonia Stockton Rd, Fredonia NY 14063,

Zone Manager, Atlantic Provinces & Québec:
Bill Jarvis, 125 Maple St, Moncton, NB, E1C6A5, 506.855.6660,




(Revised February 2010)

The Studebaker Drivers Club Inc.

ARTICLE I.       Name Purpose and Emblem

     The name of this chapter shall be the “Atlantic Canada Chapter” (ACC).

      The purpose of this Chapter shall be to promote a closer relationship among owners of Studebaker and related vehicles in the Atlantic Canada region; to encourage the acquisition, preservation and enjoyment of Studebakers; to promote membership in the ACC and to organize and administer ACC social events, tours and exhibitions.  The Chapter will publish a periodic newsletter which will be the official publication of the Chapter.

     The emblem of the ACC is the “Canada Penny Leaf Design” as approved by the SDC Trade Mark Administrator on 2 November 1997.

ARTICLE II.     Membership, Dues and Meetings

     Membership in the ACC shall be open to all members and only members of SDC Inc. according to the provisions of its By-Laws.  Upon payment of dues, any person meeting the forgoing qualifications shall be an ACC member in good standing and shall remain so as long as dues are not more than 30 days in arrears.  In the case of members residing in the same household, who hold joint membership in SDC Inc. only one set of dues need be paid and only one copy of the Chapter publication will be received.  The types of membership are:

     ACTIVE MEMBER - A person as qualified above and eighteen (18) years of age or older, with all rights and privileges extended including the right to vote and hold office.

      ASSOCIATE MEMBER - The spouse of an Active Member, not required to pay separate chapter dues, but having all rights and privileges, including the right to vote and hold office.  Associate Members shall include children (of an active member) under 18 years of age but, they shall be excluded from voting and/or holding office.

     HONORARY MEMBER - Any person, who in the opinion of the Chapter Executive has made an outstanding contribution to the Chapter.  Honorary Members shall be exempt from paying Chapter dues.  Such members will be continued at the pleasure of the Chapter Executive.  Voting privileges will be extended only if these members hold SDC Inc. membership.

     YOUTH MEMBER - Any person between the ages of twelve (12) and seventeen (17) who is sponsored by an Active Member and who exhibits a clear interest in Studebakers and SDC may become a Youth Member.  Youth Members will not have the right to vote or hold office.

     Other classes of membership may be established.  However, concurrent membership in SDC Inc. will be required.

     Expulsion of a member can occur only after a complaint is submitted in writing to the Chapter Executive.  Notice of such complaints must be sent to the named member by certified mail.  The named member will be given 30 days to respond to the complaint.  Expulsion is a power reserved to the Chapter Executive.

     DUES - The annual amount of dues for various classes of membership will be set by the membership. Dues will become due on the first day of January and membership will be for one year ending on December 31st .  Changes in dues will be submitted at a  membership meeting by the Chapter Executive and must be ratified by a majority of the members.

     MEETINGS - The membership must meet at least 4 times annually with 30 days notice before each meeting.  One meeting will be designated as the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and will be held early in the new year.  The Chapter Executive shall determine the time and place of all meetings.

     QUORUMS - for Chapter Executive meetings will be 40% of the elected members.  For Membership Meetings will be 15% of the Active and/or Associate members which must also include a quorum of the Chapter Executive.

ARTICLE III.    The Chapter Executive

     The Chapter Executive, other than the Editor, shall be elected by a majority vote of members qualified and voting at the membership annual general meeting (AGM).  The nominal Term of office for each shall be one year.  Nominations may be made from a designated Nominating Committee or from the floor.  Nominees need not be present if written consent is obtained

     The Editor shall be appointed by the elected members of the Executive.

     The Chapter Executive will consist of the President, Past President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor and up to four Provincial Representatives.  The Chapter Executive shall appoint other positions as needed, e.g., Stores Manager, etc.

     The Chapter Executive should meet at least four times per year preferably before each of the four membership meetings.  Chapter Executive meetings may be called by a majority of the Executive, or the President with a minimum of 7 days notice.  If any officer misses three meetings in succession without cause, that office may be declared vacant by the presiding officer.  Vacancies of the Executive that occur for any reason should be filled by the membership at its next regular meeting.

     The Executive will ascertain the qualifications of new members and shall plan and arrange suitable meets and activities for the Chapter.

      Order of Business shall be conducted by Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, provided that they are applicable and provided that they do not conflict with these By-Laws or those of SDC Inc.

ARTICLE IV.     Duties of Elected Positions

      The PRESIDENT shall preside at all meetings.  He* shall have the power to decide all questions of equal division as well as the power usually vested in the top administrative office, including but not limited to National Club liaison and inter-chapter relations.  He shall ensure that the duties of the Executive are carried out including report submissions, etc.
     * He is used here and below for simplification and refers to any member regardless of sex.

     The PAST PRESIDENT shall act as a mentor to the President and shall perform other duties under the direction of the President.

     The VICE PRESIDENT shall in the absence of the President, serve in his stead.  He shall assist the President in his duties, upon request.

     The SECRETARY shall record minutes of the membership and executive meetings and shall answer and redirect Chapter general correspondence.  He shall present minutes of the membership meetings to the next following meeting for approval, and provide them to the Editor for publication in the Chapter newsletter.  He shall send information promoting membership in the Chapter to potential members.  He shall maintain orderly files for ease of reference to the Chapter’s documents.  The Secretary shall keep information relating to the Chapter’s banking account on file - account location, type and signing officers.

     The TREASURER shall receive and record all funds paid to the Chapter. He shall maintain an account at a credit union or bank (approved by the Executive), in which funds of the Chapter are promptly deposited upon receipt.  He shall record and pay all authorized expenses by cheque.  He shall maintain proper documentation for all disbursements (invoices, receipts, etc.) and reconcile the account statement(s) with the records of the Chapter before preparing Treasurer’s Reports.

     There shall be two signing officers - the Treasurer and one other member of the Chapter Executive who will be named by them.  The Treasurer shall have sole signing authority under normal circumstances.  The second signing officer is appointed to ensure access to the account should the Treasurer for some reason be unable to carry out his regular duties. 

     The Treasurer shall prepare written reports for each membership meeting and in other special situations as required by the Chapter Executive.  Each report must be balanced and specify opening balance, itemized income and expenses and closing balance.  The Treasurer shall prepare a written annual report for presentation at the AGM.

       The Treasurer shall receive and record membership applications and renewals and forward membership cards to the Editor for mailing with the newsletters.  He shall report membership information at membership meetings and when requested by the Chapter Executive in other special situations.  He will coordinate with the Editor to maintain the membership/mailing list for an annual roster and newsletter mail-outs.

                Duties of Appointed Positions

     EDITOR shall receive reports, stories, advertising and other relevant material for inclusion in the Chapter newsletter.  He shall edit and layout the newsletter materials, and arrange for printing and publication.  The newsletter shall be distributed to all honorary and active members in good standing, and the S.D.C. Publications Committee either by mail or electronic means as preferred by the recipient.  When deemed appropriate by the Editor, the Chapter newsletter may be exchanged with other S.D.C.  Chapters and/or local auto clubs.  He shall encourage submission of articles, stories, etc. from members for inclusion in the newsletter.

      The Editor in conjunction with the Treasurer, will maintain an up-to-date mailing/membership list to prepare an annual roster and for newsletter and other mail-outs.

     The STORES MANAGER shall purchase merchandise, as authorized in each case by the membership of the Chapter, for resale by the Chapter.  He shall maintain the merchandise in good condition and report to the Executive on any merchandise which is not saleable.  He shall promptly forward funds from sales to the Treasurer with an accounting of the transactions.

     He shall prepare written reports for each membership meeting and when requested by the Chapter Executive in other special situations.  Each report must be balanced and specify the opening inventory, itemized sales and purchases and closing inventory.  The Stores Manager must provide the Treasurer with all sales and purchase information to the end of December before the following January 15th to facilitate preparation of the annual Treasurer’s Report.  The Stores Manager will prepare a written annual report for presentation at the AGM.

       The PROVINCIAL REPRESENTATIVES shall encourage participation by Chapter members in their province in Chapter activities and encourage new memberships.  They shall represent their province on the Executive.  They (or their designates) shall act as Tour Masters for tours scheduled in their province.  They shall perform other duties from time to time as requested by the Chapter Executive.


ARTICLE V.      Policy

     Administration of the Chapter will conform to the provisions of the By-Laws of SDC Inc. which take precedence in the event of any conflict; the officers of the Chapter will abide by the decisions of the Board of SDC Inc.

     The Chapter assumes all responsibility, financial and otherwise, for any activities it conducts.

     Any applications or dues received by the Chapter for SDC Inc. will be promptly forwarded.


ARTICLE VI.     Amendments

     These By-Laws can be amended by a 2/3 vote of qualified members present and voting at a Chapter meeting.  All changes are subject to approval by the SDC Chapter Information and Chartering Committee.



     President, Atlantic Canada Chapter     (original signed by President Ken Zwicker)


     Date of Revision                 February 2010


Page Updated - March 2018